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The chairman came to the Lhasa Project Department to inspect and guide the work
Classification:Huayan News author:超级管理员 source:本站 time:2022-05-30 16:14:42

   On May 30, 2022, the monthly emergency exercise of the Safety Production Month of the Lhasa Project Department was held. The company's chairman Su Weijia came to the scene to guide. The project manager Su Yongzhang and all members of the Security Council and the leaders, safety officers, and class leaders of the Security Council participated in the exercise and observation.

This drill simulates the occurrence of water dripping in the fractured zone of the excavation face, with a continuous increase in water volume and water accumulation in the roadway. At 14:00 on the afternoon of the 27th, the participants gathered at the wellhead, and the drill leader emphasized the precautions for the drill and announced the official start of the drill; At 14:04, the operators on duty noticed an increase in water accumulation in the roadway, suspected of seepage. They immediately stopped the operation and reported the situation to the control room; At 14:06, upon receiving the accident report, the drill commander immediately activated the emergency plan, notifying all personnel in the middle section of the underground to immediately stop operations and evacuate in an orderly manner under the arrangement of the shift leader. At the same time, the water pump in the water pump room was fully turned on and all efforts were made to carry out drainage; At 14:20, underground personnel gradually rose to the well, during which emergency rescue vehicles were on standby at the wellhead. Each department took action according to their relevant responsibilities and reported the progress in a timely manner. After all personnel were safely raised to the well, they counted the number of people and reported the relevant situation to the commander in chief; At 14:45, through underground video monitoring, it was found that the water volume in the middle section decreased. After analysis, it was found that the water accumulation in the fractured rock layer caused the accident, and the water volume was relatively small, without the risk of flooding the well; At 14:50, the drill ended.

After the drill, Chairman Su Weijia stated that the division of labor and responsibilities for this drill were clear, and the use of equipment was scientific and standardized. It effectively simulated the entire process of emergency rescue in mines after a water leakage accident occurred underground, enhanced employees' quick response ability, emergency response ability, and collaborative combat ability to respond to water accidents, and improved the level of emergency rescue ability in the mine. This drill achieved good results..