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Laos Deputy Prime Minister inspects Laos Xinglong Mining Project
Classification:Huayan News author:超级管理员 source:本站 time:2021-11-14 16:03:11

On November 14, 2021, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Lao People's Democratic Republic, Song Sai Sipantun, personally visited the Laos Xinglong Mining Co., Ltd. invested by our group company to inspect and guide the work, and highly praised the outstanding achievements made in the development of Xinglong Mining.

Vice Premier Song Sai Sipantun stated that gold mining is an important mineral resource enterprise that promotes the economic development of Laos and a model of win-win cooperation between the two countries. It provides strong impetus for the economic and social development of Laos and brings many practical benefits to the local people of Laos. Song Sai Xipandun supports the company's long-term strategy and development plan, and arranges for strong cooperation and support from various ministries and commissions.


At the symposium, the chairman of the company, Su Weijia, gave a detailed introduction to the development of the company to the deputy prime minister and his delegation, and proposed ideas and suggestions for promoting the industrial development of Laos. Su Weijia stated that accelerating industrialization is a new driving force for the rapid development of the Lao economy. The company is committed to becoming a model for investment attraction, urbanization, and industrial chain development in Laos, promoting the economic and social development of Laos.