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The chairman considers the work safety work in Yunnan Yangla and Mu Ding Project Department
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From October 12 to October 17, 2008, Chairman Su Weijia personally led a safety inspection team to inspect the mining and excavation construction sites of Yangla Copper Mine and Mouding Copper Mine in Yunnan, as well as the safety foundation management of the project department, employee safety education and training, investment in safety technical measures, hidden danger investigation and management, institutional construction and personnel allocation, safety regulations, and implementation of rules and regulations.

The Yangla Copper Mine Project Department is located in Yangla Township, Deqin County, Diqing Prefecture, Yunnan Province. The project department is located in a remote plateau area with an average elevation of over 3000 meters, making life and production very difficult. The project department currently has more than 200 employees, with the owner being Yunnan Yuntong Group. The mining mineral is copper mine, which adopts the methods of combined development of drift and blind inclined shaft, bottom pillar caving mining, medium deep hole blasting mining, funnel drawing, mining car traction and chute transportation. The annual ore production is about 600000 tons. The project department has been in operation for many years, and some mining preparation projects have been completed. Currently, mining operations are the main focus, combined with excavation and mining preparation, gradually expanding the connecting working face and expanding the mining volume.

That evening, the project department held a safety production meeting, and the safety inspection team of the project department reported on the safety work in September this year. The assistant general manager of the company, Shi Jusheng, emphasized the importance of safety inspections; The company's safety director provided feedback on the inspection situation and proposed the implementation of rectification plans; The chairman of the company, Su Weijia, gave a concluding speech and requested that all project departments use the fourth quarter to carry out in-depth activities such as seeking stability, promoting unity, focusing on production, and ensuring safety. Firstly, we should focus on building a management team, implementing responsibilities, and comprehensively ensuring safety production